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Okay, so as indicated by the very fancy html coding this is a vent on kinda one thing but kinda not but I am literally just trying to get my frustration and almost angry upsetness? out, so hopefully no harm done.
...So as many of you most likely know on Sunday the 12th two weeks ago there was the very tragic incident in Orlando of a shooting at a gay night club which killed 50 people and injured 53, this is so sad and frustrating in itself and genuinely hit me so hard because it is yet another incident that follows the same scenario as the number of shootings beforehand, and although I was of course angry and upset about the situation I didn't really say anything about it online because it was sad and frustrating, it felt almost inconsiderate to make a deal of it - as I was not directly affected by the situation and with things like this I don't really like to express my thoughts on it, however my mindset of the time was that it is pride month, and hopefully the lgbtq+ community will respond in protest against the ridiculous gun laws that are still in place that if controlled more strictly could've saved so many lives that night and all the other times incidents like this have happened, so with this mindset I signed petitions almost optimistically in the hope that there would be change. Which is why I'm so frustrated now, as it seems that since the debate on Monday there has been no change in the gun control laws... hoW?
This seems to me to be the most stupid thing, especially since some of the arguments against restricting the gun laws regard the fact that the shooter was a Muslim and a 'potential terrorist'; yet again important life saving decisions have been negated by arrogant racism. This argument, as well as being ignorantly racist and founded upon complete idiocy, doesn't even support itself. Yes the shooter was Muslim - so are so many other people in the USA that I don't believe have shot anyone in their entire life! And you know what else, the fact that the shooter was Muslim is not the reason that so many people were killed that night - the reason there was so much unnecessary loss of life was because the killer was clearly mentally unstable, but also because he was in possession of a f***ing gun, a weapon which can (shockingly) kill people, a weapon which he was able to purchase despite being on a terror watch list, a weapon he was able to purchase despite having reportedly been an abuser yet the allegations were legally disregarded AND NOT because he was Muslim! And I am unable to comprehend how in any way that these laws were passed. (I know I sound unnecessarily angry and that is because I am, but even for me writing in this much vexation I feel bad because in this I am focusing on the killer - something that so many articles do after these incidents, rather than focusing on the people that lost their lives in this tragic event).

So yeh, this was a fiery rant, and very much different to my usual content - but I felt I needed to let some of this (clear) frustration out and make a couple of points, and I am deeply saddened by the incident underneath all of this anger and exasperation, because so many people have lost their lives in similar incidents for the same reasons - and how this has been allowed to go on I cannot imagine...


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